(Economic Observation) Seven-year answer sheet of the Central Ecological and Environmental Protection Inspector: "Strictest in History" Environmental Remediation Brings "Green Change"

  China News Service, Beijing, July 7 (Reporter Ruan Yulin) The 18,000-meter super low enclosure of Dongting Lake was demolished in 13 days, thousands of illegally built villas in Qinling were completely renovated, and the ecology of Qilian Mountains in Gansu was severely damaged, setting off the "severeest" accountability storm in history ... Over the past seven years, the Central Ecological and Environmental Protection Inspectorate has investigated and dealt with many major typical cases, gnawed away one after another "hard bones" that damaged the ecological environment, and handed over a green answer sheet with outstanding achievements to the whole society.

  On August 30, 2015, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Environmental Protection Supervision Program (Trial)", formally establishing the central ecological and environmental protection supervision system.

From December 2015, the first round of central ecological and environmental protection inspections will be carried out in 31 provincial-level administrative regions across the country and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. The borough carries out "Looking Back".

  In June 2019, the "Regulations on the Work of the Central Ecological Environmental Protection Inspector" came into effect.

The central leading group for the supervision of ecological and environmental protection was formally established, which further strengthened the authority of the supervision.

In July 2019, the second round of central ecological and environmental protection inspections was fully launched.

  "Inspectors are chasing problems and responsibilities, and keeping a close eye on prominent contradictions and major problems in the field of ecological environment," said Zhai Qing, vice minister of China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment. , to solve a large number of outstanding ecological and environmental problems that have been tried for a long time but have not been solved.

  The nine plateau lakes in Yunnan are the only lake areas in China that are not frozen, and are called bright pearls embedded in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau.

In November 2016, the inspection team reported the inspection situation to Yunnan Province and pointed out that the water quality of Xingyun Lake, Qilu Lake and Yilong Lake is still inferior to Class V, and the deterioration trend of individual indicators is obvious.

The water quality of Dianchi Lake, Yangzonghai Lake and Chenghai Lake has improved, but they have not yet reached the planning target requirements.

Fuxian Lake, Lugu Lake, and Erhai Lake, the water quality of some near-shore waters is not optimistic.

  Yunnan has taken revolutionary measures to promote the protection and management of nine plateau lakes, and achieved positive results.

According to the comprehensive evaluation of the monitoring data in 2021, the water quality of Fuxian Lake and Lugu Lake will remain in Class I, Erhai Lake will be upgraded from Class III to Class II, Yangzonghai will remain Class III, and Caohai Lake in Dianchi Lake will be upgraded from Class IV to Class III.

  In April 2017, the inspection team pointed out that the ecological damage of Qilian Mountain and other nature reserves is serious.

Large-scale disorderly mining and prospecting activities have caused serious problems such as destruction of surface vegetation, increased soil erosion, and surface subsidence in the Qilian Mountains.

The Heihe River, Shiyang River, Shule River and other watersheds in the Qilian Mountains have a relatively high intensity of hydropower development. There are more than 150 hydropower stations in this area, 42 of which are located in the protected area, which brings about a prominent problem of water ecological fragmentation.

  The ecological and environmental issues of the Qilian Mountains National Nature Reserve in Gansu have aroused widespread concern in the society, and have experienced the largest ecological environment improvement in the past half century.

Hundreds of people, including deputy provincial cadres in Gansu Province, were held accountable for the ecological destruction of the Qilian Mountains.

This storm of environmental accountability, known as "the most severe in history", has brought about a green transformation in the Qilian Mountains. Now the Qilian Mountains have turned green, the water has become clearer, and the damaged mountains in the past have regained their vitality.

  "Inspectors strongly promote party and government leaders at all levels to resolutely shoulder the political responsibility of ecological civilization construction," Zhai Qing said. Many local leaders say that "inspectors are a slap in the face."

All provinces generally set up leading groups headed by the main person in charge of the party and government, and regard supervision as a major political task, a major people's livelihood project, and a major development issue, and promote the implementation of "the party and the government have the same responsibility" and "one post and two responsibilities". , The intensity and effectiveness are unprecedented.

  The central ecological and environmental protection supervision has achieved remarkable results.

Up to now, there are 3,294 rectification tasks specified in the first round of inspectors and the "Look Back" rectification plan, and the overall completion rate has reached 95%.

Half of the 1,227 rectification tasks specified in the first three batches of rectification plans in the second round have been completed.

The fourth, fifth and sixth batches of inspection and rectification are being actively and orderly advanced.

Inspectors have accepted 287,000 public ecological environment petition reports transferred, and 285,000 rectifications have been completed so far.

  It took three years and by June this year, the second round of six batches of central ecological and environmental protection inspectors had been successfully completed.

Zhai Qing said that the central ecological and environmental protection inspector is a major institutional innovation and a major reform measure for the party and the country.

Promote historic, turning and overall changes in China's ecological civilization construction and ecological environmental protection.

Standing at a new starting point, the central ecological and environmental protection inspectors have always adhered to the tone of strictness, adhered to problem orientation, and continuously promoted the in-depth development of inspectors.