When negotiations with the Pilot Association failed, SAS announced that the pilots' strike would affect up to 30,000 passengers per day.

At home, holiday plans have been abandoned while other travelers are stuck abroad.

Maria Wiezell, consumer advisor at the independent organization Sweden's Consumers, explains what applies if you have had your return trip canceled.

'Does not affect everyone'

The first thing is not to assume that your particular flight has been canceled - not everyone is affected by the strike.

- It is not the threat of a canceled flight that gives you the right to be rebooked by SAS or to get money back within seven days, but only when they have notified you that your flight is canceled or severely delayed, she says.

If you have the opportunity to have ice in your stomach, it is best to let SAS rebook you.

There is not only a great demand for tickets during the holidays but also swaying elsewhere in the industry.

- There are airlines in Europe where there is talk of a strike so there is a risk that the ticket will be more expensive, or that you will not find a ticket at all, says Maria Wiezell.

She mentions the alternative for those who are not too far from home to ask SAS to book a train journey for you instead of flying.

When help is delayed

- If you do not arrive at SAS, you can, via email for example, set the requirement "If you do not rebook me then I demand compensation for what I have to rebook myself", says Maria Wiezell.

Private insurance

Checking out what it says in your home insurance is also valuable.

- A standard home insurance travel cover does not normally cover canceled flights where the airline has an obligation to rebook you, says Maria Wiezell.

Have paper and receipts in order

It is important to save all documentation.

The airline must pay for food, drink and accommodation - to a reasonable extent - during the time you wait for the rebooking.

- You can also receive damages - maximized to SEK 58,000 - for financial damage, for example lost earnings if you do not get home on time.

You can also receive a standard compensation of 250, 400 or 600 euros, depending on how far you would travel, says Maria Wiezell ..

- You must address your requirements to the company within 2 months.