Park Ji-won, former head of the National Intelligence Service, said, "Even if I delete (intelligence), it will remain on the main server of the National Intelligence Service," said Park Ji-won, the former head of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) on the 7th that the NIS accused him of unauthorized deletion of intelligence-related reports in relation to the attack of a public official in the West Sea. "Why would you be such an idiot?" he replied.

Former Director Park appeared on the radio today and said, "In the case of the National Intelligence Service, if you use a PC, you will be connected to the server immediately. If you delete it, it is just 'blindfolded'."

Former Director Park asked, "Isn't it likely to remain as it is in the main server as well as in the production site that produced the intelligence? If we delete it, will it be deleted as well?"

In response to the question 'Isn't it possible to enter the server and delete the shared document itself?', he repeatedly emphasized, "It is impossible. (Deleting the original itself) is impossible."

Then he said, "(If you delete it), you can see the record after the change of government, who is the head of the National Intelligence Service or an employee who wants to go to jail?"

The Chosun Ilbo reported today that the late Lee Dae-jun, a public official of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, said, "I am a public official of the Republic of Korea.

He also claimed that it was "not true" that he reported that there is a possibility that the North Korean military might have deleted the wiretapping record that he requested for rescue with the purpose of 'rescue him'.

Park said, "

When asked where he received the original intelligence at the time, he replied, "I can't talk about it under the NIS Act," but "Since the Korea-U.S. intelligence alliance is thoroughly established, people can rest assured about such issues."

He said, "I never did and there is no need to do so. The security awareness of the NIS staff is more thorough than mine," he said.

Former Director Park criticized, "In the reformed NIS, our employees do not do such things (accusations). They said that the former employees returned to the NIS, but they mistakenly think that they are doing what they were doing in the past and are still doing it," he criticized.

(Photo = Yonhap News)