Lol Leon.

Barcelona, ​​1950. Actress.

On July 14, the premiere of

Padre no hay más que uno 3

, by Santiago Segura, but listen to me: what really is only one is Loles León.

"I'm great, honey," she laughs.

And it is true.

Having a fixed role in 'Padre no hay más que uno' is the Spanish version of being in the Marvel Universe: a guaranteed blockbuster every summer.

It's true, I'm delighted.

Do you know especially why?

Because I love shooting with these kids.

They are acting beauty personified because they happen to be highly educated, hilarious, and better behaved than older actors.

They consider me their false granny.

I have a great time with these movies.

I have to admit that the DNI can say mass, but it's hard to imagine Loles León as a grandmother.

Well, I'm the same as always, but with children.

I notice that many men still see me as if it were 1990 because they tell me: "I've grown up seeing you and I can't get rid of that image of you that left me spellbound; I still see you the same."

Normal, if it is that in the theater I continue raising my legs to the top like then.

I'm great, I get on top of the piano, I start to lift my legs and you can't imagine the abdominals I do on my toes up and down.

So, of course, everyone is left with their mouths open.

One, she's got attitude, honey.

Everything is in the attitude.

You told me once that you were always a sexual myth that didn't look sexy.

I'm still a sexual myth, huh.

You don't know the things they tell me here in the theater, you can't get an idea.

In the play I explain things about the world of cabaret, the Paral·lel of those years, the Arnau theater, the Cúpula... and the men get nervous and start saying some compliments and some very strong things to me.

So I'm still the same.

I sense that compliments don't bother you.

Oh no, no.


In this department of mine yes you can, in this window compliments are accepted.

What bothers me is stupid or rude people, but if they tell me: "Pretty, you look great"... I love it.

I say it too, too.

When I see a handsome guy I tell him: "Oysters, how handsome you are, you look great."

And maybe I'll touch him too: "Oh, what an arm".

Life is to live it, enjoy it and touch it.

And she is already.

I tell it in my show: people came to Parallel to forget their sorrows, relax their imaginations, enjoy themselves, see each other, get to know each other, fall in love and touch each other.

Now we are all a little tense with social networks, but I claim human contact.

Let's see: as long as you don't give yourself a good fuck from time to time, life doesn't make sense, you're sad and sunk.

Does the review of your life that you do in the theater make you nostalgic?

More than nostalgic I am very sentimental.

And there are bits in the play, when I tell how I had to leave Barcelona and leave everything behind to look for a new life and a future, in which I do get emotional.

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you in your busy life?

I can't tell you the craziest thing because everything that has happened to me has been very crazy.

I've gotten into all the puddles.

I don't have calm, cute and sedative sequences.

In my life there is none of that.

Everything has always been very reckless, very fast, very stressful and very absurd.

But also very vivid and with many laughs.

Is there a puddle you've regretted?

No. I don't regret anything because everything I've done is who I am.

I carry it with me and I carry it great.

All those crazy things that I have done in life are serving as a foundation to be able to be as I am now, that I am in a wonderful and wonderful moment as an actress and as a person.

I haven't always been like this, I've had times when I didn't get a job or I wasn't happy with my life, but I've worked at it and now I enjoy that reward.

I have already reached the podium.

Have you felt judged for the way you are?

Sure, but it's always been the same to me.

I have never bothered to take off the labels that have been put on me.

I have a way of being that is this, my personality is this, my attitude is this and the things that I like to do are these.

So what do they say I'm crazy?

Wonderful, because I assure you that I have had a better time than you who never let go of your bow.

The world is full of different personalities and what you have to do is let each one live the life they want.

I've done.

This is my nature and I will not change it for anyone.

And for a label, even less.


Well crazy.

What else gives me

Has it cost you to go on your own?

In this profession either you starve or you die of sleep.

I'm dying of sleep now because I don't have time to sleep, but I know the other side.

No one is spared in this trade.

Fernando Fernán Gómez already said it, speaking with his representative: "Look, I don't like this movie at all, it sucks, but do we have a better one? No. Well, we're going to do it."

Of course I have paid a toll for my way of being, for my freedoms as a human being, but that is life itself, right?

And I've always been clear that if I get into soirees, I'll have to take the consequences and learn.

You learn from here, you learn from there, you meet people, people you like, people you don't, people who may be of use to you, people who are not of use to you... And you move forward.

Life is a divine game.

You have been a feminist and LGTBiQ icon, are you worried that those freedoms that you defended so much will be curtailed?

That doesn't scare me, what it gives me is work.

Me and everyone.

You have to roll up your sleeves and start working, because things have been taken for granted.

In my time I fought for our freedoms, for our rights, for everything.

Now you have to get to it.

We must not be frightened by the extreme right, we must act.

The women and men of the 60s and 70s have fought hard so that everyone now has what they have, but we have to maintain it.

Each one who defends what he really believes in, but who gets down to it without being scared.

Enough of intolerance, enough of Nazism, enough of all these things.

Tolerance and democracy.

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