The ethics committee's disciplinary deliberation against Lee Jun-seok, the representative of the People's Power, who is suspected of instigating the destruction of evidence of the 'suspected sexual abuse', will be held today (7th).

There is an observation within the party that there is a possibility that the Ethics Committee may impose severe disciplinary measures beyond the suspension of party membership.

Correspondent Kim Hyung-rae.


The People's Strength Ethics Committee will consider disciplinary action against Party Leader Lee Jun-seok and Party Leader Kim Cheol-geun from 7pm tonight.

Representative Lee, who attended the high-ranking party council yesterday, emphasized that the promises of '59-second shorts' that are closely related to life, which he led during the last presidential election, received a good response.

[Lee Jun-seok/CEO of People's Power: We also planned a lot of campaigns during the presidential election, but I wonder if you know all the secrets of the '59 Second Shorts' promise that made all the people enthusiastic.]

CEO Lee also posted on SNS, " What is a stop loss?

I mean, it's rude," he said, countering the claim that he violated his duty to maintain dignity as a member of the party and caused damage to the party by teaching the destruction of evidence in the sexual assault case, rather, it was a counter-argument that it brought great benefits such as victories in the presidential election and branch elections. explained.

The ethics committee's atmosphere is cold.

An Ethics Committee official told SBS that, based on the data collected and the statements of those involved, Kim Cheol-geun, who is suspected of attempting to destroy evidence, was expelled.

However, CEO Lee is adhering to the position that the teacher of destroying evidence cannot be established because the sexual reward itself is a false claim.

Therefore, even if a severe punishment is decided today, it seems clear that Chairman Lee will be dissatisfied, such as requesting a retrial.