"It's going to be difficult not to pass high school," quipped one commenter before the results were announced.

"Le bac" is a French ritual.

709,399 candidates took part in the final exams in France this year.

"le bac" was introduced by Napoleon.

When the Socialists came to power with Mitterrand in 1981, they turned it into a utopia: Eighty percent of every year should be high school graduates.

They remained true to the “Abitur for all” – as have all bourgeois governments since then.

But over the decades, the emancipatory ideal of education has become a symbol of the denial of reality.

France clung to the ideal of equality and knew full well that equal opportunities didn't work.

Selection is frowned upon and practiced all the more resolutely.

Leftists prefer private schools

Leftists also send their children to the (Catholic) private schools that Mitterrand wanted to close.

Through dishonest activities, parents place their children in schools in non-immigrant neighborhoods.

Choosing the right establishment is a fine art, and only insiders have the right perspective.

More than 85 percent of a cohort have long since passed the French Abitur.

The price of utopia is cutting back on requirements.

The fact that people don't want to admit it has become a lifelong lie in French education policy.

Only 535 candidates chose the classic “Latin” and 237 “Greek” this year.

The programs and exams overwhelm the candidates.

Her frustration now erupted in unprecedented hate speech against the writer Sylvie Germain.

A quote from her was the subject of the “commentaire littéraire”.

Simple words were not understood by the high school students.

Due to the hate comments, Sylvie Germain was forced to remove the name from her mailbox.

"How do I tell my parents?"

To appease the network uprising, grades given to teachers have been raised by ministry officials.

Nevertheless, the success rate is declining – by almost five percentage points.

Only 86 percent of the candidates were successful.

“How do I tell my parents?” is the topic of the tabloids.

The quality newspapers, meanwhile, deal with the catastrophic knowledge of French of the young French and the "digital jargon" of their articles.

The new Minister Pap Ndiaye wants to include the climate catastrophe in the school curriculum.

He cannot cope with the educational catastrophe.

France will probably not pass its matriculation test in the next hot summer either.