China News Service, July 7 (Xinhua) According to the British Sky News Network, on the 7th local time, British Conservative MP George Freeman (George Freeman) called for the election of a caretaker prime minister.

  According to reports, Freeman said, "(UK Prime Minister) Johnson needs to hand over his official seal, apologise to Her Majesty the Queen and advise her to call for the election of a caretaker prime minister".

  He believes that a change of prime minister cannot wait until the Conservative Party meeting in the autumn.

  Freeman also said the inauguration of the caretaker prime minister today would help push officials back to work while "trying to repair the damage and rebuild trust".

  Johnson has faced another crisis in power recently.

Dozens of British "important ministers" led by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Minister of Health announced their resignation one after another because they lost confidence in Johnson, triggering a major earthquake in the political arena.

  On the 7th, Johnson has agreed to resign.

Johnson has said he wants to serve as caretaker prime minister until the Conservative Party elects a new leader this autumn.