Overseas Network, July 7. According to a report by NBC New York Channel on the 5th, a new study from Yale University shows that a cancer patient in Connecticut, USA, was infected with the new crown virus for 471 days.

During this time, the virus mutated in his body three times.

  The report said that in their regular monitoring of the new coronavirus variant, they found that the B.1.517 variant strain appeared in Connecticut, and this variant has long disappeared around the world.

Through tracking, the research team found a lymphoma patient in his 60s.

The patient first tested positive for COVID-19 in November 2020 and tested positive until March 2022.

  "The patient tested positive for Covid-19 for 471 days after the initial diagnosis," the report added, adding that the patient was contagious and had a high viral load during this time.

In addition to prolonged infection, the research team also noticed that the new coronavirus mutated rapidly in patients over time, and even three different new variants appeared.

The new coronavirus may mutate twice as fast in this patient as it does in the general population, the report said.

(Zhang Ni from Overseas Network)