A 12-year-old boy was checked on Tuesday July 5 in Compiègne (Oise), in the Clos-des-Roses district, known for drug trafficking.

He had in his possession 4.5 grams of crack, the equivalent of several doses, reports

Le Courrier Picard


“He explained that he had found the crack on the ground, but he is on the verge of a deal every day

,” revealed an investigator.

Cannabis resin was also found in his possession.

Criminally irresponsible

The teenager, placed in a home, was already known to justice but not for facts related to narcotics.

He should soon be summoned before a delegate of the prosecutor for cannabis use,

"the facts of use or acquisition of crack not being characterized against him"

, explained the prosecutor of the Republic of Beauvais, Caroline Tharot.

The situation worries the first vice-president of the Oise departmental council and Compiègne security assistant, Éric de Valroger.

According to him, children are exploited by traffickers.

Paid less, they are also considered criminally irresponsible before the age of 13.


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