China News Service, July 7th. According to Hong Kong's "Ta Kung Pao" report, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) was released on the 7th.

93 "IB champions" were born in Hong Kong this year. Compared with last year's results of over 100, this year has dropped slightly.

The "big winners" continued to be 36 top students with perfect scores from seven secondary schools under the ESF, 5 students from Diocesan Boys' College, and 1 top scorer from Hujiang Victoria School (VSA), and the other 10 students got a near-perfect 44. point.

  The Hong Kong Island Secondary School, King George V School, Shatin College, South Island Secondary School, West Island Secondary School, Chi Hsin College and Kai Hsin College under the ESF have a total of 36 champions.

In addition, Po Leung Kuk Choi Ji-you School has 4 champions this year, Yew Chung International School also has a male and a female champion, and Hong Kong Chinese Christian Council Zhendao College has 2 champions.

  One of Yew Chung International School's top students, Wang Meiqi, talked about learning methods. She revealed that she would work with her classmates to make review notes, which complemented each other.

Teachers will also share self-made teaching materials to encourage students to learn independently.

Another top student, Zheng Mingkeng, said that participating in the school's environmental protection organizations made many friends, which made his campus life full of motivation and vitality.

It is reported that Yew Chung graduates have also received offers from Tsinghua University and Peking University this year.