China News Service, July 7th. According to the official WeChat news of the National Immigration Administration, since the launch of the "Hundred Days Action" by the national public security organs to crack down on public security in summer, as of July 6, the immigration management agencies have cracked down on the management of the country (border). There were 735 criminal cases, 21 criminal gangs obstructing national (frontier) management were destroyed, and 1,461 criminal suspects obstructing national (frontier) management were arrested, including 2 "smugglers" who were arrested and fled overseas; There were 3,102 pieces of information, and 1,050 illegal entry and exit personnel were intercepted and seized at the port border.

  Since the Ministry of Public Security deployed the "Hundred Days Action" to crack down on public security in the summer, the national immigration management agencies have followed a unified deployment to strictly control the front-line borders of ports and the social aspects of their jurisdictions, and comprehensively take measures such as air defense, physical defense, technical defense, and dog defense to strengthen Stationed border guards, mobile inspections, video surveillance, and night inspections in key places have tightened the border control and defense lines at ports.

We will strengthen the crackdown on special projects, launch a nationwide cluster campaign against major criminal projects that impede national (border) management, and dig deep into the behind-the-scenes smugglers, organize transportation networks, and gang dens.

Deepen international law enforcement cooperation. Through the port border law enforcement cooperation mechanism with the immigration and border defense management departments of neighboring countries, strengthen border control, arrest important criminal suspects such as "smugglers" who are fleeing across the border, strictly investigate and crack down on cross-border illegal and criminal activities such as smuggling, and vigorously safeguard The security and stability of ports and borders and the normal order of entry and exit have been strengthened, and a strong deterrent to lawbreakers has been formed.

  The relevant person in charge of the National Immigration Administration stated that the national immigration management agency will further deepen the implementation of the "Hundred Days Action", combined with the "Meerkat Hunting" Action, "Snake Catching" Action and other special arrangements to crack down on crimes that hinder national (border) management, adhere to the Take the initiative to attack, eliminate evil, and continue to strengthen border prevention and control measures at ports, and resolutely eradicate the breeding ground for various cross-border crimes.