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  • Russian forces continue to advance this Wednesday in the Donbass, where the inhabitants of Sloviansk, Moscow's next target, are called upon to evacuate in the face of intense bombardment.

    The governor of the Donestk region, Pavlo Kyrylenko, announced two dead and seven wounded in strikes which notably targeted the city's market.

  • With the fall of Lysytchansk on Sunday, Russian forces control almost all of the Lugansk region and are now seeking to do the same in Donetsk to thus occupy the entire Donbass.

  • Moscow has launched an investigation into the torture allegedly suffered by its soldiers captured by Ukrainian forces and released during a prisoner exchange with kyiv.

    Ukraine and Russia accuse each other of ill-treatment and torture of prisoners.

  • The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, on Tuesday denounced the "intolerable" civilian toll of the conflict (nearly 5,000 confirmed civilians killed, including 335 children, an estimate probably well below the actual toll). ) and the numerous human rights violations targeting the population.




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6:43 am: Latvia to restore compulsory military service

Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks announced on Tuesday the restoration of compulsory military service in 2023 amid growing tensions with neighboring Russia and war in Ukraine.

“Latvia's current military system has reached its limits.

At the same time, we have no reason to believe that Russia will change its behavior,” he explained.

Latvia had dropped out of compulsory service after joining NATO.

Since 2007, the army of this Baltic EU member country has been made up of professional soldiers and National Guard volunteers who serve in the infantry part-time on weekends.

The country of less than two million people currently has just 7,500 active duty soldiers and members of the National Guard, supported by 1,500 NATO soldiers.

6:35 am: Civilians called to evacuate Sloviansk

Russian forces continued to advance on Wednesday in the Donbass, where the inhabitants of Sloviansk are called upon to evacuate in the face of intense bombardment.

“My main advice: evacuate!

“Thus launched Tuesday evening the governor of the Donestk region Pavlo Kyrylenko to the address of the inhabitants of the city, adding that” during the week, there was not a day without bombardment “.

He had announced a few hours earlier two dead and seven wounded in strikes which notably targeted the city market.

“Once again, the Russians are intentionally targeting places where civilians congregate.

It is terrorism pure and simple,” denounced Pavlo Kyrylenko.

6:24 a.m.: End of the international conference in Lugano

Organized to try to draw the contours of the reconstruction of Ukraine, the cost of which kyiv estimates at 750 billion dollars, the two-day international conference in Lugano, Switzerland ended on Tuesday evening.

In a statement, allied countries, international institutions and the private sector "commit themselves fully to supporting Ukraine throughout its journey", calling for a "transparent and accountable recovery process".

However, the use of these billions of dollars is worrying in a country crippled by corruption.

In its 2021 report on corruption, the NGO Transparency International ranked Ukraine 122nd out of 180 countries, and Russia 136th.

“When we say we are ready to go fast, we really mean fast”, however wanted to reassure Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Chmygal, who came to Lugano.

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The capture of Donbass is still Russia's main objective.

With Russian forces controlling almost the entire Lugansk region, they are now seeking to do the same in Donetsk.

To achieve this, the city of Sloviansk has been under fire from Russian bombardments for several days.

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