Sweden: one dead in a knife attack at a political event

The man suspected of having killed a woman with a knife at the political festival of Almedalen in Visby during his arrest by the police on July 6, 2022. AFP - HENRIK MONTGOMERY

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A woman was stabbed this Wednesday in Sweden, in the middle of a political festival welcoming the biggest personalities of the country.

According to the latest information arrived last night, it would not be an attack, but this knife attack reminded the Swedes how vulnerable they too were.


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With our correspondent in Stockholm,

Frédéric Faux

At the end of June, there was an attack on a gay bar in Oslo by a radicalized Norwegian of Iranian origin, killing two people.

On July 3, three other people were killed in a shootout in Copenhagen, caused by a lunatic.

So when this Wednesday, a woman was murdered on

the Swedish island of Gotland, in the middle of a political festival

, the hypothesis of the attack was in everyone's mind.

According to the first elements of the investigation, this would not be the case, even if the author of the facts, arrested by the police, would have links with far-right movements.

It prevents.

Almedalen week, held in the small island town of Visby, is an event like no other.

It is the annual meeting of all the political and economic elite of the country.

Leaders and elected officials, including the Prime Minister, walk freely there, in contact with the population.

It is also the place in Sweden, during the summer, where there are the most police officers per square kilometre.

The fact that a knife attack could have taken place in these conditions, in broad daylight, has awakened the debate on security in

a country already bruised, in 2017, by an Islamist attack



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