The roof is broken.

You have to fix it, but how and how to pay for it?


From who?

Winter is coming soon too, says Evgenia, a resident of Yevgenia.

Since July 3, Lysytjansk, once a city of 100,000 inhabitants, has been under Russian control after Ukrainian forces withdrew after Russian forces occupied the city and heavy fighting broke out.

In the ruins that the battles have left behind, many people remain, including children and the elderly, hidden in shelters and basements.

- They took down all the Ukrainian flags and started handing out humanitarian aid because there were many people in the city, even though they said the city was empty, but no, there were many people: in all the basements, in all the houses, in all the shelters, many people with children and old people. ”

Lysytjansk was, next to the twin city of Sevierodonetsk, one of the last two cities under Ukrainian control in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine.

The fall of the city means that Russia now has control over virtually all of Luhansk - a significant moment in Moscow's eyes when President Vladimir Putin saw the region as an important strategic goal.

See the inhabitants trying to live on in Lysytjansk in the video.