• Nantes has a new market, every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and every first Saturday of the month.

  • It is made up of six stalls and is exclusively dedicated to second-hand clothing.

Designer jeans on one side, leather shoes a little further, but also a whole bunch of little summer dresses or colorful shirts.

Since mid-June, every Wednesday, a small, somewhat unusual market has been set up on the Place des Petits-murs, just opposite the Place du Cirque stop, in the city center of Nantes.

"It's the leading second-hand clothes market in France," says Doriane Facque, manager of Chez dame didou and president of the Boug'ta fripe association.

We knew about flea markets or clearance sales, but a place specializing only in second-hand clothes, as there are in the United States or Italy, was not done yet!

We are proud to lead by example.


Every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and every first Saturday of the month, these six independent thrift stores unpack their merchandise in the street, with the support of the town hall which issued them an authorization, until December for the moment. .

A way for the second hand to make its place even more in the city center, while specialist shops have grown well in recent times in the city of the dukes.

But since confinement, these stores have become itinerant for some.

“Until now, I was doing the Zola market, Viarme too, reports for example Yvelise, former graphic designer now manager of Chapter Two.

My objective is to show that it is not because a piece has already been worn that it is no longer worth anything.

On the contrary, it has a story!


The “fair price all year round”

With this market, exhibitors want to help the second hand to become even more popular.

On each stand, a fitting room has been set up, and the articles (current pieces, not just vintage) are often arranged by color or size, just to find their way around easily.

On the other hand, do not look for items on sale, even if it is the period.

"We are at the right price all year round," says Doriane Facque.

We hunt, select, wash, iron… Sometimes these are unique pieces, often made in France.

» Count 15 euros on average for an article.

Jeans, on the other hand, vary between 30 and 50 euros for a Levis.


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