Following the resignation of two major ministers over Britain's Prime Minister Johnson, whose centripetal force is declining due to a series of scandals, nearly 40 high-ranking government officials have announced their resignation one after another.

British media reports that the prime minister is in an unprecedented predicament, with several ministers urging him to resign directly.

Regarding Prime Minister Johnson, in addition to the problem of repeated parties at the Prime Minister's Office and other places amid strict regulations on the new coronavirus, last week, a ruling and Conservative party executive appointed by Prime Minister Johnson had a sexual scandal. Even after resigning at, criticism is growing over the response.

On the 5th, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Health have resigned, and nearly 40 high-ranking government officials have announced their resignations one after another.

On the 6th, Prime Minister Johnson reiterated his intention to continue his investment in a parliamentary response, but Javid, who resigned from the Secretary of State for Health, said, "We have come to the conclusion that the problem is at the top of the organization and will not change. At that point, we should judge that there are many more, and now is the time. "

British media said several ministers directly urged him to resign, but the prime minister categorically refused.

The Conservative Party is increasing pressure to resign as Prime Minister Johnson, including seeking to change internal rules so that it can vote again for confidence as leader, following last month. Tells us that we are in an unprecedented predicament.