Relations between Paris and Moscow risk cooling (again).

This Wednesday, the head of Russian diplomacy was offended by the publication by the France 2 television channel of an interview between the French and Russian presidents.

The recording is from four days before Russia invaded Ukraine, marking the start of a war that will never speak its name.

“Diplomatic etiquette does not provide for unilateral leaks of [such] recordings,” Minister Sergei Lavrov noted during a trip to Vietnam.

The very tense nine-minute telephone conversation between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin was broadcast in a documentary by the French channel France 2.

Russia is 'not ashamed'

This documentary retraces the mediation of the French president to try to prevent the conflict from escalating in Ukraine, Moscow being then accused of preparing an offensive despite its repeated denials.

Sergei Lavrov judged that Russia did not have to be ashamed of the content of the conversation between the two leaders.

“We always conduct negotiations in such a way that we never have to be ashamed.

We always say what we think, we are ready to answer for our words and explain our position,” he said.


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