Stéphane Bern & Matthieu Noël SEASON 2021 - 2022 5:54 p.m., July 06, 2022

Historically Yours brings together 3 microscope freaks: biologist Rosalind Franklin, a pioneer in the discovery of DNA that History has unfortunately forgotten, and the Nobel Prize for Medicine too.

Then the doctor-adventurer Alexandre Yersin, who notably discovered the plague bacillus, left to explore the world, with a view to advancing science.

And an artist who invented an art of the infinitely small that no one can see without a microscope: Willard Wigan and his statues that fit on the tip of a match or in the eye of a needle...



Annabelle Kremer-Lecointre

, associate professor in Life and Earth Sciences

Author of the book "Women of Science" (Editions de La Martinière)


Patrick Deville

, writer, Grand Prize for Literature of the French Academy 2021

Author of " Plague & Cholera" (Threshold)