China News Service, July 5. According to Taiwan's "China Times News Network" report, the Democratic Progressive Party's Shuangbei (Taipei, New Taipei) mayoral candidates have not yet been determined. The party's top leaders continued to persuade Chen Jianren, the former deputy leader of the Taiwan region, to decide who would take the lead.

  The DPP's Shuangbei mayor has not been nominated for a long time. After the DPP "legislator" Luo Zhizheng indicated that he had no intention of running for the mayor of New Taipei, it was also reported in the party that Chen Shizhong, who was "British" and preferred to be the mayor of Taipei, also had the intention of quitting.

Party sources revealed that Shuangbei has not yet been determined, mainly because Tsai Ing-wen hopes that Chen Jianren can play in Taipei or New Taipei, but Chen Jianren has not nodded.

  Party sources revealed that Chen Shizhong, who originally intended to run for mayor of Taipei, had the idea of ​​"doing not want to vote" after the "election meeting" did not take action, and called on the Central Committee of the DPP to make a decision as soon as possible.

  As the election schedule is approaching, people inside the party said that Lin Jialong, the former head of Taiwan's transportation authority, has been making frequent moves recently. Many people think that Chen Shizhong is waiting for the opportunity to "turn around beautifully". In fact, Chen Shizhong is only in a passive role. Many possible candidates made Chen Shizhong a "spare tire", which made him also want to retire.

  As for what the DPP is waiting for?

Party insiders revealed that at present, the "right election meeting" is still actively lobbying Chen Jianren to fight in Taipei or New Taipei, but Chen Jianren has not nodded his head, which has led to the delay in the nomination of Shuangbei candidates.

  According to other Taiwanese media reports, as an internal poll by the DPP showed that although 75% of the people believe that the epidemic situation is slowing down, only 50% of the people agree that the measures can be loosened. Chen Shizhong's appearance must be based on the feelings of the people.

Therefore, Chen Shizhong is not the only option, and the top leaders of the party still continue to persuade Chen Jianren to enter, and then decide who will take the lead.

  Chen Jianren was asked on the 4th whether he would run for the election. He did not deny it, but said "Thank you, peace" twice in a row.

  Tsai Ing-wen was also shouted by the media when she left the venue to ask if she supported Chen Jianren's candidacy?

Is the nomination of Shuangbei waiting for "one benevolence" Chen Jianren?

In the face of inquiries, Tsai Ing-wen smiled and did not respond.