China News Service, Beijing, July 5 (Reporter Xing Chong) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian hosted a regular press conference on July 5.

  A reporter asked: Recently, Rubin, a senior researcher at the American Enterprise Institute, wrote in an article, "The one-China policy is a lie, Taiwan is not part of China, and the 'San Francisco Peace Treaty' after World War II only meant that Japan gave up its sovereignty over Taiwan and the Penghu Islands. But the issue of the transfer of sovereignty has not been clarified.”

What is China's comment?

  Zhao Lijian: First of all, I want to point out that lying requires disguise. This article by the American Enterprise Institute is the real lie.

It wears the guise of "academic" and spreads rumors in the name of academics and research institutions.

The content of the article obviously violates the common sense of history and law, deliberately inverting black and white and confusing right and wrong. The motive behind it is nothing more than to attract people's attention, hollowing out and virtualizing the one-China principle, cooperating with anti-China forces to "use Taiwan to control China", and to promote "Taiwan independence" The forces "rely on the United States to seek independence".

  The so-called "San Francisco Agreement" is an illegal and invalid document issued by the United States to make a separate peace with Japan after the Second World War, while excluding the People's Republic of China and the Soviet Union.

This document violates the "United Nations Declaration" signed by 26 countries including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union in 1942, the United Nations Charter and the basic principles of international law. are all illegal.

  The Chinese government has solemnly stated from the very beginning that since the "San Francisco Contract" was not prepared, drawn up and signed by the People's Republic of China, the Chinese government considers it illegal and invalid and will never recognize it.

The Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, North Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam and other countries also refused to recognize the validity of the document.

  There is only one China in the world, and Taiwan has been an inalienable part of China's territory since ancient times. A series of international legal documents, including the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Proclamation, have clearly and unmistakably confirmed China's sovereignty over Taiwan.

Although the two sides of the Taiwan Strait have not yet been fully unified, the fact that the mainland and Taiwan belong to the same China has never changed, and China's sovereignty and territory have never been divided.

  The facts of the Taiwan issue are clear, and the latitude and longitude of one China is clear.

History cannot be tampered with, and right and wrong cannot be distorted.

Any attempt by anyone to challenge the one-China principle recognized by the international community is futile.

China's safeguarding of national sovereignty and territorial integrity brooks no interference from any external forces.