An international conference held in Switzerland to discuss the reconstruction of Ukraine, which has been severely damaged by Russia's military invasion, declared on the 5th that Ukraine will take the lead in the reconstruction with the cooperation of each country. It was adopted and closed.

However, the issue is how to materialize many parts that cannot be foreseen, such as securing the huge costs required.

In Lugano, southern Switzerland, an international conference was held for four to two days, with the Ukrainian government, government officials from about 40 countries, and representatives of international organizations such as the World Bank discussing the reconstruction of Ukraine.

On the 5th, representatives from each country explained their respective policies regarding support for Ukraine.

Of these, Deputy Foreign Minister Suzuki, who attended on behalf of Japan, said, "Japan has achieved economic development from the devastation after the war, and has achieved recovery from repeated natural disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake." He expressed his intention to use his experience to support the reconstruction of Ukraine.

At the conference, "Lugano" included that the restoration and reconstruction should be led by Ukraine with the cooperation of each country, and that it is necessary to ensure transparency such as whether the funds for reconstruction are being used properly. Declaration "has been adopted.

At the closing press conference, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said, "Ukraine has begun discussions with partner countries over plans for national restoration and reconstruction. It brings great hope for us." And emphasized the idea of ​​aiming for reconstruction.

The Ukrainian government has emphasized that restoration and reconstruction will require a total of about $ 750 billion at present, or more than 100 trillion yen in Japanese yen, but there are many uncertainties such as securing huge costs, and the battle will continue. The challenge is how to materialize the reconstruction.

Use of Frozen Assets Russian Press Secretary "Illegal and Resolutely Opposed"

At an international conference to discuss the reconstruction of Ukraine, which has been severely damaged by Russia's military invasion, the Ukrainian government has taken some of the costs of restoration and reconstruction from the assets of Russian government officials frozen in each country. I suggest that you should hit it.

"Such actions are completely illegal and violate all standards and rules of international law. Russia is categorically opposed," a spokesman for the Russian Presidential Administration, Peskoff, told reporters yesterday. He said and strongly repelled.