Two ministers of the British Johnson administration have suddenly announced their resignation one after another, and it is expected to be a big blow to Prime Minister Johnson, whose approval rating is sluggish due to scandals and the like.

British Health Minister Sajid Javid and Treasury Minister Sajid Javid submitted their resignations to Prime Minister Johnson on the 5th.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Javid said, "It's clear that the people can't change the status quo under you, saying that the people don't see the administration as serving the interests of the nation." , You lost my confidence, "explained the reason for his resignation.

In addition, Mr. Snak, who was once regarded as the prime minister's most promising successor, said that while preparing to announce economic measures with the prime minister, a difference in thinking became clear. We hope that it will be operated properly, competently and seriously. "

Regarding Prime Minister Johnson, a vote of no confidence was held in the ruling party and the Conservative Party last month due to problems such as repeated parties at the Prime Minister's Office while the strict regulation of the new coronavirus continued, but it was about. 40% expressed distrust.

In addition, criticisms continued to grow for the Conservative Party's widespread defeat in the two by-elections of the House of Representatives and the response to the party's executive scandals.

So far, Foreign Minister Truss and others have been in favor of the Prime Minister, but the sudden resignation of the two key ministers has been a big blow, and the British media said that Johnson could be in a difficult situation in the future. And so on.