Tiktok, the doomsday machine disguised as a funny video snippet portal, has again generated a new "trend".

#gentleminions is the associated hashtag.

The videos found below show smart-looking teenagers in suits swarming into screenings of the movie Minions: The Rise of Gru, a prequel to the animated film Despicable Me, and other moviegoers, including the little ones , go to the ghost.

As the BBC reports, English cinemas are increasingly banning pubescent gentleminions from entering: ostensibly so that their viewers can watch the yellow slapstick pills in peace, but also because more and more harassed moviegoers are demanding their money back after a hijacked performance.

Videos that bring millions of viewers to Tiktok show the young people wearing suits cheering for the Minions and imitating the supposed villain Gru.

According to the BBC, cinema operators are again describing scenes that border on vandalism: things are being thrown across the room and employees are being harassed.

Families often left before the film even started - despite all the cinema operators' attempts to appease them;

while the little visitors shed tears.

A cinema in Wadebridge, Cornwall tried an entry ban for "unaccompanied children in suits".

In addition to a few guests who had fun with it, the responsible studio Universal Pictures was particularly happy: "To everyone who shows up in suits at @Minions, we see and love you," @UniversalPics tweeted in early July.

The Tiktok trend was influenced, among other things, by the "A ticket to X, please" memes, in which users put ironic photos of an imaginary target audience for a specific film under the said heading.

For example, Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson from the horror film The Lighthouse for the film Barbie.

A suspected young man who goes by the name "@FairiesUnite" wrote on Twitter: "I love being Gen Z, we have so much power." But those who have already experienced how most power trips end up rubbing their shoulders hands with a malicious Gru smile while imagining the antics with which the next, as yet unbaptised, generation that is being barred from going to the cinema will take revenge on “Gen Z”: #dominion.