The suspect in the Chicago massacre disguised himself as a "women's dress" .. Video

Christopher Coveley, a Chicago local police spokesman, told reporters that a man had opened fire on a motorcade on the outskirts of the city, and the day before the incident he was dressed as a woman and may have been wearing a wig for camouflage.

Coveli added that 22-year-old Robert Cremo, who was arrested after the deaths of six participants in a festive parade in Highland Park, has been identified as the only suspect in the crime.

"He was seen in the video wearing women's clothing, I don't really know what the outfit consisted of, but a long-haired suspect was initially reported, so it can't be ruled out that he was wearing a wig," the New York Post reported on Tuesday. .

And social networking sites circulated a video showing the arrest of the suspect "without resistance".

Investigators believe Cremo spent several weeks preparing for the attack, in which participants and spectators at the US Independence Day parade were shot from the rooftop of a commercial building with an abandoned AR-15 rifle at the crime scene.

And Coveli added: "Another pistol was also found in Cremo's car, and according to the police, the suspect also owned several pistols that he kept at home, and all the weapons were legally purchased."

Asked if the attack was linked to "the large Jewish community in Highland Park", Coveli responded: "We have no information that the criminal's motives are racist, religious or related to any other groups."

On Monday, the US authorities announced that 6 people were killed in a shooting that targeted an Independence Day rally in the Highland Park suburb near Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Robert “Bobby” E Crimo III, 22, was taken into custody “without incident” following a manhunt involving multiple law enforcement agencies, police said.

— Newsweek (@Newsweek) July 5, 2022

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