China News Service, July 5th. According to the US "World Daily" report, Ms. Xie, a single-parent Chinese woman who immigrated to the United States eight years ago, recently rode an electric scooter in Brooklyn's Borough Park (Borough Park). The driver of the parked vehicle suddenly opened the door and knocked her to the ground. Unfortunately, Ms. Xie was run over by the moving truck and died on the spot.

Such as the 8th Avenue and other Chinese downtown areas, similar illegal parking is common, and the community calls on the police to strengthen the ban.

The lawyer said that drivers who parked side by side should be held responsible for the accident.

  Ms. Xie's death has aroused widespread discussion in the Chinese community, and the public expresses deep sympathy for her.

No arrests have been made since the incident, and only motorists who parked side by side were ticketed.

In this regard, a lawyer analyzed that the truck that directly caused Ms. Xie's death, if the truck was stationary before the rolling, and the truck started after the victim fell to the ground, the driver must be responsible. If the truck has been moving, the driver cannot see If the victim, or even if he sees it, cannot respond in time, it is difficult to say that the truck driver is responsible.

  As for drivers who park side-by-side, firstly, side-by-side parking is illegal; secondly, according to relevant laws, when drivers open the door on the side of the traffic flow, they must observe in advance, and can open the door only after confirming that they will not encounter people or cars.

The driver apparently failed to do this, which led to the tragedy, and the driver was guilty of negligence and held a certain amount of civil liability.

  As for the victim, there is no responsibility for being forced to pass on the left side of vehicles parked side by side when the road is blocked.

  Side-by-side parking is common in the Chinese neighborhood of Sunset Park in Brooklyn, adding to the safety concerns on already crowded streets.

Huang Qiwang, chairman of the New York Chinese Federation in the United States, said that after the tragedy, the police stepped up law enforcement near the accident site and issued tickets for illegal parking.

Huang Qiwang appealed that in order to truly solve such violations near the Eighth Avenue, the police must send a working group to enforce the law and issue more fines, and it may be effective only after several months.

(Hu Shengqiao)