Olivier Delacroix SEASON 2021 - 202205h00, July 05, 2022

Olivier Delacroix tells the story of Sylvie, who lived for 18 years with a man who abused her.

The day she announces that she is leaving him, Sylvie's ex-companion rapes her at gunpoint.

The man ends up being imprisoned, but when he gets out of prison, he soon finds Sylvie.

Waiting for him after his day's work, a knife hidden in his sleeve, he takes him by force to a brasserie called "A la axe".

But he does not know that Sylvie is carrying a phone with an emergency button, which alerts the police in the event of an attack.

Is this security device effective?

Do women in danger like Sylvie feel that they are taken seriously enough by the courts?

In this new episode of the podcast "In Olivier's eyes" adapted by Europe 1 Studio,

Topics covered: domestic violence - battered women - feminicides - grave danger telephone

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"In Olivier's eyes" is a Europe 1 Studio podcast

Presenter: Olivier Delacroix

Director: Kevin Housty

Producer: Fannie Rascle

Distribution: Eloïse Bertil

Graphics: Cosa Vostra