In the United States, events celebrating Independence Day were held in various places on the 4th, but shootings occurred one after another.

In the Midwestern Illinois suburbs of Chicago, a man fired a gun at a parade from the roof of a building, killing six people, injuring more than 20 including children, and eastern Pennsylvania. Two police officers were injured in another shooting in the state.

A parade celebrating Independence Day was taking place on the morning of the 4th at Highland Park, about 40 kilometers north of Chicago, Midwestern Illinois, where men suddenly gathered from the roof of a nearby building. I fired a series of guns at.

According to police and hospitals, six people have died so far, and more than 20 people, including eight-year-old children, have been injured and taken to hospitals for medical treatment.

Police released his name and photo of a 22-year-old man who had fled the scene and was suspected of being involved in the case, and was investigating his whereabouts with the FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation.

After that, he found a man running away by car and detained him.

The police will investigate in detail in the future.

In the United States, July 4th is an Independence Day holiday, and commemorative parades and events were held in various places.

Even at Highland Park, where the incident occurred, a commemorative parade was held from 10 am on that day, and many people, including families, gathered along the road.

Two police officers injured in a shooting incident in Philadelphia

Two police officers were injured in another shooting in eastern Pennsylvania on the 4th, which marked Independence Day in the United States.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a music event was held to celebrate Independence Day on a central boulevard, but according to American media, shootings were fired near the venue shortly after the fireworks launch began before 10 pm. It means that there was.

The footage shot from the sky near the scene shows a large number of citizens fleeing the streets and police officers holding lights heading to the scene.

According to local police, this injured two police officers and took them to the hospital, but there was nothing wrong with their lives.

The details of the suspect have not been disclosed, and police are believed to be following him.

Commemorative events were held in various places on the 4th, but in response to the incident at Highland Park near Chicago, Illinois in the Midwest, some local governments in the vicinity have canceled parades and concerts one after another. rice field.