Scandinavian Airlines of Northern Europe, which had been in trouble due to the spread of the new coronavirus, announced on the 5th that it has filed for the application of the federal bankruptcy law in the United States.

Scandinavian Airlines, a major shareholder of both the Swedish and Danish governments, has suffered from the Korona-ka, and has been working to rebuild its business by making large-scale personnel reductions and borrowing large amounts of money.

However, debt repayment was delayed, and pilots went on strike to further reduce labor costs to reduce costs, which made management even more difficult.

For this reason, Scandinavian Airlines announced in a court in the United States on the 5th that it will apply for Chapter 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code, which is the Civil Rehabilitation Law of Japan, and will rebuild its business.

Scandinavian Airlines said, "Many airlines have succeeded in rebuilding their operations by filing for bankruptcy law in the United States. They will continue to operate normally and services such as mileage will not change."