The Russian army, which claims to have seized control of Luhansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine, is expected to concentrate its forces on the neighboring Donetsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine.

In Donetsk Oblast, a large number of citizens were seen gathering to distribute food such as bread and canned food in preparation for the intensifying offensive.

Regarding the state of Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, where Russian troops were intensifying the offensive, President Putin received a report from Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on the 4th that he had taken control of Lysychansik, the last base on the Ukrainian side, and that Luhansk's military operations had been completed. I did.

Russian troops are expected to concentrate their forces on the full control of Donetsk Oblast, which is adjacent to Luhansk Oblast.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on the 4th that it attacked various parts of Donetsk with missiles and destroyed the command post, ammunition storage, armory and so on.

In Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast, a large number of citizens were seen gathering for food distribution such as bread and canned food in preparation for the intensifying offensive of Russian troops.

In Kramatorsk, two-thirds of the citizens have already left the town for fear of worsening war conditions, but there are still more than 60,000.

Meanwhile, the British Ministry of Defense, which is analyzing the war situation, said on the 4th, "Many areas of Donetsk Oblast are controlled by Ukrainian troops. The battle in the eastern Donbas region is a fierce exhaustion battle." He showed the prospect of falling into.

Voices of anxiety in Kramatorsk

In Kramatorsk, voices of anxiety were heard on the 4th.

After announcing that Russian troops had seized control of Luhansk, citizens feared that the next offensive would be intensified in Donetsk, a 28-year-old woman said, "I've been trying not to go out for the past few days. I was talking.

A 68-year-old woman said, "Kramatorsk is scared of being exposed to many attacks."

President Zelensky "Reconstruction Needs Now"

In a video message released on the 4th, President Zelensky acknowledged that Russian troops are intensifying their offensive in eastern Ukraine. It's a job and requires time and superhuman effort, but we have no other choice. "

In connection with an international conference to discuss the reconstruction of Ukraine in southern Switzerland on the 4th, President Zelensky said, "The reconstruction of Ukraine needs to be done now, not after our victory. Partners and We must work on the whole world of democracy, "he said, saying that reconstruction efforts need to be undertaken early.