There is a circulating "Meme" from the "CatDog" cartoon series, which has become very popular in recent years, in which the mouse "Winslow T. Odvelo" appears as he exits his hole, and then in the immediately following scene he appears returning to his hole, closing the door behind him, in a mechanical movement fully conscious.

This "meme" is usually used with tweets that are very stupid, for example, or opinions that are too extreme;

Winslow comes out of his hole, sees her, and returns again in surrender because he is not ready to deal with this nonsense, as the people of his country say.

Over time, this meme became the most talked about Winslow.

Most people knew his character through him in the first place, because most people outside the United States of America do not watch the Nickelodeon channel and have not heard of the “CatDog” series before, and therefore are not familiar with the context in which the shot came, but only know how it is used on the network.


I don't think the Winslow meme has ever been more appropriate

— Trey007 (@Tresse007) October 30, 2018

Of course, you can imagine how this created a certain amount of bewilderment;

Does using it after Ronaldo announced his desire to leave means mocking Ronaldo himself, considering that his departure will be a surprise after what happened and what was said when signing with him, or does he mock Manchester United, after he failed to exploit his stardom and goals, not in the title competition, Even in catching a qualifying seat for the Champions League?


What constantly feeds this confusion is the difficulty of agreeing on a clear definition of the nonsense that puts Winslow back into his hole after being enthusiastic and open to life.

Indeed, it is hard to even agree on the identity of Winslow in this tale;

Is it Ronaldo, or Manchester United, or interim coach Ralph Ranik?

After his appointment at the end of November, Ralph Ranik was proposing to sell Ronaldo to management in January, and the reason was simple and understandable;

Ronaldo creates an unresolved dilemma, which is that the German who is fond of pressure and transformations, who attaches great importance to the tactical team structure in the different stages, cannot play Ronaldo in the starting lineup, and at the same time he cannot keep him on the bench, because he scores a lot of goals.


The Manchester United that Ranik took over in November desperately needed Ronaldo on the pitch, but the Manchester United that Ranik was trying to build - albeit failing - needed Ronaldo on the bench.

Just a month later, Ranik realized the real nonsense was that Manchester United didn't realize this dilemma until it was too late.


Thomas Tuchel:

"I think it is not a secret that any team in the world without Cristiano [Ronaldo] is in some parts of the game a weaker team, He is one of the greatest who has ever played this game, and he proves it every time he is on the field."

— CristianoXtra (@CristianoXtra_) July 3, 2022

This is the origin of the story, because the board of directors who decided to contract his former legend is the only element that will remain in common between the two opposing versions of the team;

Those that exist today, those that Ranik has come to make, or even those that Ten Hach will make in the future.

Most likely the board of directors has been thinking the same way it has since Ferguson's departure;

The irrational assumption that at some point everything will be fine, for no other reason than that this is Manchester United, and that continuing as it is will mean that there is real calamity, and real misfortunes cannot happen when your coach is a legend of the 1999 generation , or when your striker is the best player the club has ever had.

Misfortunes only happen to others.

The Manchester United management thought that reaching second place behind City, in a season in which Chelsea replaced their coach, and in which injuries swept Liverpool to the point where they needed a miracle to qualify for the Champions League, is an achievement that can be built on.

This is like judging Superman's abilities while he is on the planet Krypton, and then imagining that this would be his condition on Earth, the only difference here is that Manchester United saw what Chelsea and Liverpool could actually achieve in normal conditions, and did not need to conclude.

What's the worst that could happen if you signed Ronaldo, Sancho and Varane after finishing second behind Manchester City?

This question must have been asked in exactly this way in one of Carrington's offices after the end of last summer, and its answer must have been decided in the eyes of many outside Carrington as well.


More bullshit

The surprise in this story is that there is a version of it in which Manchester United and its fans themselves assume the role of "Winslow", when he discovers that Ronaldo is not the player he thinks, but that the constant talk about Ronaldo's professionalism, sincerity and dedication to his profession is also a fair amount of nonsense.

The most famous journalist, Jonathan Wilson, tells of many times in Ranik's short era, when Ronaldo stopped the tactical exercises - in which the team works on his structure and form during the various stages of defense and possession - for no reason but that he did not like him, from his point of view;

The exercises should be "fun" and "fun", and those exercises were not.


The nonsense also extended to the Manchester derby, when Ronaldo felt pain in his waist, and as soon as his absence from the meeting was confirmed, he traveled to Portugal without permission from the club, and without even notifying the club at all, and only four months after this shot, Ronaldo was absent from the team's first training under Ten Hach leadership.



Cristiano Ronaldo to miss return to Manchester United training today “due to family reasons”, club have accepted this explanation.

🚨🇵🇹 #MUFC

Man United are aware of his desire to leave the club – but insist on their position: not for sale, want to keep him.

— Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano) July 4, 2022

After leaving Atletico Madrid in the round of sixteen of the Champions League, and the end of the season practically, the website "The Athletic", according to its sources within the club, said that many players believe that Ronaldo will consider moving to another club that gives him the opportunity in He increased his goals in the Champions League, but then no one expected the bullshit to reach this level.


On Monday, July 4, 2022, the cars of the first team players flocked to the Carrington training center since seven thirty in the morning in preparation for the first training under the leadership of the Dutchman. Attendance due to "family circumstances", "conditions" which the club reluctantly accepted, of course, because it had no other choice.


A week earlier, Ronaldo's agent was sitting with Chelsea's new owner, Todd Boyle, discussing the possibility of him joining the Blues after Lukaku's departure.

Ronaldo is not only ready to leave Manchester United, but he is also ready to play in the ranks of a direct competitor, and contribute to depriving him of a qualifying seat for the Champions League for the second season in a row.


Let us also remind you that this session, besides being lacking in professionalism, even the simplest rules of decency and professional respect, it is also not legal to begin with, simply because Ronaldo's contract is still valid for the next twelve months, and he is not entitled to negotiate with any other club at this moment Either in person or through his agent Mendes, except with the approval of United, who in turn announced that he is not for sale, and is still waiting for his return before traveling to Bangkok on Friday at the opening of his summer tour, because his absence will mean a double loss for the club, on the one hand, he will lose a number of potential sponsorship contracts. In this round, on the other hand, he will have to pay the penalty terms of the contracts he has already signed.

If Winslow had been a fan of United, or even Ronaldo, he would have closed the door at that moment.


Chelsea have been offered both Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar this summer, according to the Evening Standard 😳

— GOAL (@goal) July 4, 2022

FC Ronaldo

Now we will give you a minute to imagine these situations again, with the name of Ronaldo replaced by Salah, De Bruyne, Kanti or Kane, and after you fail in that, of course, we will tell you that Ronaldo earns more than all of these, and for this particular reason he does not mind forcing the club to a zero equation, he has to Where the club has to choose between its existence and anything else.


Ranik never had enough power to face these situations, simply because he was a temporary coach;

His job title itself was demeaning him in one way or another, but just imagining the same situations with a coach like Ten Hag would force everyone to choose between the Dutch and the Portuguese, simply because the first would not accept stopping training because it was not “fun” enough, and the second would not accept being turned into a soldier another in the first system as long as he can become a general in another place, and all of this leads you to a fact that many of us sometimes miss;

Legendary abilities often come with legendary nonsense as well.


The irony is that one of the most important reasons that prompted Manchester United to stick to Ronaldo, despite informing the club of his desire to leave, is that he simply does not have enough money to sign a replacement for him this season, because the priority was, and remains, to strengthen the defense and the center, and if he left and United wanted In replacing it, he will not be able to.

Ronaldo came to United for 20 million pounds, and most likely he will not leave more than this number.

United took a risk for Ronaldo, but did not expect that Ronaldo would not be willing to risk for him.

Oddly enough, this prediction was very reasonable;

Ronaldo is thirty-seven years old, and he will turn thirty-eight in February, and it is logical that he is looking for short-term projects that allow him to achieve the largest possible digital return from his remaining years on the field, even if this means missing training and negotiating with competitors, but rather Forcing the club to accept his departure.

This is how United got Ronaldo from Juventus in the first place!

If you've got rid of Lukaku because he doesn't fit the system I'm not sure Ronaldo is the solution…

— Jacob Steinberg (@JacobSteinberg) July 4, 2022

It is also strange that Manchester United, the club that has always been proud of its ability to raise its brand through advertising on social media, promoting romantic narratives steeped in nostalgia, and regurgitating club memories to tickle the feelings of supporters and opponents alike, has believed its propaganda, and fallen into the trap of the narrative that it promoted Her at the start of the season, although even then, Ronaldo was ready to join Manchester City hours before signing for United.

Imagine if he had tried to stop training there.

(10) (11) (12) (13)

Much has happened since then;

The team achieved its worst season in the Premier League era in terms of points and goal difference, and received humiliating defeats in front of its opponents, and its stadium became a hotbed for young and old alike, and all this prompted it to major changes in the administrative structure that included the appointment of a sports director, the departure of Ed Woodward and the placement of Richard Arnold at the head of the club and contracting With a coach who can tactically match the top Premier League for the first time since Ferguson retired in 2013. (14) (15)

Manchester United is on its way to change, but Ronaldo has no intention of accompanying him.

In fact, there is no evidence of Ronaldo's intentions from the beginning, other than the poor reasons given by his camp to justify his departure now, which is that he does not see United as ambitious enough because he did not include big names in the transfer market, the transfer market that has not reached its middle.

The hundredth irony here is that Sancho, Varane and Ronaldo himself were among the "big names" that United included in the summer to avoid his current fate, and when that did not go well, Ronaldo - as usual - blamed everyone, and this is what makes this story longer. We've seen it for Winslow at all, it doesn't look like Manchester United will get bored of the bullshit and close the door soon, in a fully conscious mechanical motion, that can't stand any more bullshit.



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