Last year, the national tax revenue for the third year of Reiwa reached a record high for the second consecutive year, reaching over 67 trillion yen.

This is because corporate tax revenue and income tax revenue increased significantly while the economy was recovering due to the impact of the new corona, and consumption tax revenue also increased.

According to the financial results of the national general account last year announced by the Ministry of Finance on the 5th, tax revenue was 67,037.9 billion yen.

The tax revenue exceeded the previous year, which was the highest ever, by more than 6.2 trillion yen, setting a new record high for the second consecutive year.

Of this amount, corporate tax increased by more than 2.4 trillion yen compared to the previous fiscal year due to the recovery of corporate performance against the backdrop of the depreciation of the yen.

Income tax also increased by more than 2.1 trillion yen due to the improvement of the employment environment, and consumption tax also increased by more than 900 billion yen due to the recovery of personal consumption.

Last year, as a result of making a supplementary budget of 36 trillion yen as a measure against the new corona, the total amount of the general account exceeded 142 trillion yen.

Although tax revenues reached record highs, the amount of new government bond issuance amounted to more than 57.6 trillion yen, and severe financial management that relies on government bond issuance continues.

Over 22 trillion yen is carried over in annual expenditure

On the other hand, in terms of expenditures, approximately 22.4 trillion yen, including public works projects and corona countermeasure projects, was carried over without being used within the fiscal year.

In the previous fiscal year, a huge amount of carry-over of over 30 trillion yen occurred, and as the scale of expenditures increases due to the response to corona, it seems that the way of budgeting will be questioned.