Romain Rouillard 5:25 p.m., July 05, 2022

The holidays are approaching and many French people will choose the seaside to spend the summer.

But on the beach, it is also possible to indulge in some sporting activities in order to reconcile tanning and physical maintenance.

Here are some ideas from coach Anouk Garnier in "Bienfait pour vous".

Tanning or playing sports, why choose?

While many vacationers head to the coast to spend the summer, it is possible to maintain your physical condition while enjoying the sea and the beach.

Guest of the program

Bienfait pour vous

on Europe 1, Anouk Garnier, sports coach in the Paris region, offers a series of sports activities that can be practiced at the beach.

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"If you do a little sport from time to time, it's good to keep it in your habits", she advises from the outset.

Among the beach sports, paddle, which has become more and more popular in recent years, allows both to work physically while enjoying the summer sun.

This activity consists of standing on a board and paddling forward.

"It does a lot of work on the abs and back," says Anouk Garnier.

Unusual or classic activities: place your bets

There is the traditional beach volleyball, but it is not always easy to form a team of five players to start a game.

On the other hand, only two people are necessary to practice the "roundnet", an unknown activity, but which could be emulated this summer.

"You have like a net in the middle that looks like a mini-trampoline. The idea is to throw the ball over the net in turn, and it has to go every time," she explains.

The objective is to prevent the opponent from replaying the ball in good conditions.



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It is also possible to do the classic thing by adopting the good old morning jog on the beach.

"I advise more to run on wet sand, because it will be harder and it looks like what we are used to", she points out, while the dry sand risks being "quite traumatic for (your ) muscles if (you) don't want sore calves".

Finally, gym regulars will be able to maintain their habits with online courses, available directly on the smartphone via various platforms.

"You will choose a working time and a recovery time. You can do that for 15 minutes, it's already very good. You choose your little exercises: a few squats, a little push-ups", details the coach.

From sports to the beach, there is something for everyone.