In the early morning of July 4th, local time, one person was killed in a shooting at an Independence Day street carnival in Los Angeles, California, USA.

  About 200 people gathered in the Vermont Vista neighborhood in the south of Los Angeles in the early morning, illegally occupying the intersection of Hoover Street and West Century Avenue to hold a street revel.

  The live video showed that noisy crowds surrounded the intersection, and people in the middle of the road were driving in circles to show off their tricks, and fireworks rose from time to time.

There were also many people approaching a small pickup truck that was on fire, taking pictures and videos with their mobile phones, and the scene was very chaotic.

  The Los Angeles Police Department rushed to the scene after receiving the call, and several bystanders stopped the police and reported that a shooting had occurred here and that someone had been shot.

The victim was transported by ambulance to UCLA Harbor Medical Center, but was pronounced dead from his injuries.

  Police are currently investigating the shooting, and the identity of the victim has not been released.

(produced by Liu Peng)

Responsible editor: [Liu Pai]