The leaders of Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand participated in the NATO summit held in Madrid, Spain. This is the first time that NATO has invited Asia-Pacific countries to participate in the summit.

  NATO keeps claiming that it is a "defensive organization", but in fact is constantly creating confrontations and troubles; NATO requires other countries to abide by the basic norms of international relations, but recklessly launches wars against sovereign countries and bombards them indiscriminately, resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians and other countries. displaced.

  The United States wants to push NATO to the Asia-Pacific region to achieve the goal of maintaining its hegemony and strengthening strategic containment.

Now NATO provides Ukraine with weapons and trains troops, and the war between Russia and Ukraine is getting more and more prosperous; in the future, NATO, which is constantly inciting the expansion of its arms, will pull the four Asia-Pacific countries on the riddled hot air balloon?

Or put them in a crumbling bamboo basket and light a fire at the calculated moment?

(Jiang Li)