NATO = members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have signed the "Membership Protocol" for the accession of Finland and Sweden in Northern Europe.

The Foreign Ministers of Finland and Sweden were also present at the signing ceremony held at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium on the 5th.

Prior to signing, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg reiterated the two countries seeking accession, saying, "It's a historic moment for Finland, Sweden and NATO."

Turkey, a member country, was initially reluctant to join NATO between Finland and Sweden, but on the 28th of last month, an agreement was reached on the delivery of suspected terrorists, and Turkey also supported the membership. I went around.

In response to this, at the NATO summit meeting held in Spain last week, countries agreed to formally start the accession procedure.

The Membership Protocol will need to be ratified in 30 NATO member countries in the future.

Turkey's President Erdogan said at a press conference on the 30th following the closing of the summit that "if the promises of the agreement document are not kept, we will not be able to join", restraining Finland and Sweden, and officially joining Toward this, Turkey's trends will continue to be the focus.