The family of the former "Stern" editor-in-chief Henri Nannen is threatening legal action against Norddeutscher Rundfunk because of the reports in the magazines "STRG_F" and "Zapp" about Nannen's time as a soldier in the Nazi era.

It is about his role in a propaganda unit of the SS. From "his misconduct as a Wehrmacht soldier", it says in a letter from the lawyer Christian Schertz to the NDR director general Joachim Knuth, from which the specialist service "Kress" and the "Tagespiegel" quote , Nannen "never made a secret".

But to this day there is not a single piece of evidence that Nannen was involved in the design or distribution of the anti-Semitic leaflets shown in the article.

Michael Hanfeld

responsible editor for feuilleton online and "media".

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The post does not indicate this.

Rather, “an alleged proof is given, which is misrepresented after studying the original source and does not provide the claimed proof.

In this respect, the specific reporting that was referred to here is simply to be regarded as a false statement of fact.” The title “Nannen: His role as head of an SS propaganda unit” with Nannen’s picture should be removed from the Internet.

Nannen was neither an SS member "nor formally the head of the SS unit in question".

We reserve the right to take legal action.

On request, the NDR announced that the letter was being checked.

The contributions "on Henri Nannen and his responsibility for the propaganda work of the 'Südstern'" are based on "own, legally examined and extensively documented research".

Nannen's responsibility "in the propaganda work of the 'Südstern'" is "undisputed.

Even the star wrote in 2014: "Sir Henri was the boss." Other sources confirmed this.

Nannen's time in the Wehrmacht was known for a long time.

The references to anti-Jewish leaflets were new on NDR.

"Stern" editor-in-chief Gregor Peter Schmitz had distanced himself from Nannen.

The Nannen Prize was renamed the "Stern Prize" for this year, and a commission is clarifying how the "Stern" will continue to deal with Nannen's legacy.