At a press conference following the results of negotiations with his Mongolian counterpart Batmunkhin Battsetseg, he noted that he had informed his partners in detail about the course of the special operation in Ukraine and Donbass.

“We are interested in the fact that the facts about how the representatives of the Kyiv regime behaved and continue to behave in Ukraine were available to the general world community.

Unfortunately, the West is doing everything to block the work of the media, which provide objective information about what is happening, ”Lavrov said.

UN Secretary General Stéphane Dujarric, a spokesman for the UN Secretary General, commented earlier on a statement by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who threatened to "punish" journalists who support the Russian army.

He recalled that freedom of the press is an invariable principle of the world organization.

The State Duma adopted a law on a mirror response to discrimination against Russian media abroad.

In accordance with the document, the Prosecutor General of Russia and his deputies will have the right to make a decision to ban the activities of foreign media in Russia.

In addition, they will be empowered to suspend the license of Russian media for publishing false information for up to three months.

At the same time, the activities of the media may be resumed before the expiration of the period established by law, if the editorial office removes the prohibited information.