The House of Councilors election has been held on the 4th until the polling date on the 10th of this month.

Each party has a policy of making all-out efforts in the final election contest, such as proclaiming the party's unique color in order to increase the votes of the proportional representation while the executives enter the constituency that seems to be a close battle. is.

On the 4th, Prime Minister Kishida and Secretary General Motegi analyzed the situation at the end of each constituency, and executives said that the battle was continuing mainly in one-person districts such as Tohoku and Koshinetsu. We are trying to expand support by focusing on support.

The Constitutional Democratic Party has analyzed that the number of constituencies that are catching up with the ruling party is increasing, and executives are intensively supporting Tohoku and Koshinetsu, appealing for measures against rising prices, and the party against the government and the ruling party. It is a policy to emphasize the attitude of.

Of the seven constituencies that have candidates, the Komeito will have Yamaguchi and others in the constituencies that are considered to be in close quarters, and will aim to consolidate support centered on the party's supporters and increase the votes of proportional representation. I am doing it.

The Nippon Ishin no Kai has positioned Kyoto and Tokyo as the most important constituencies, and will support executives every day. is.

The Democratic Party for the People will strengthen street speeches in urban areas such as the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Tokai region, emphasize the achievements in achieving policies through cooperation beyond the ruling and opposition parties, and appeal for support for the expansion of the party.

The Communist Party has a policy of focusing on executives in areas with a strong support base, such as Tokyo and Kansai, and appealing for the importance of peaceful diplomacy, aiming to maintain seats in the constituency and increase the votes of proportional representation.

Reiwa Shinsengumi wants to win seats in the constituency in addition to the proportional representation by repeating speeches and dialogues with voters on the streets, with Tokyo as the top priority.

The Social Democratic Party intends to further emphasize the need for a party that advocates peace and protection in order to maintain party requirements.

The NHK Party will continue to send out street speeches and SNS in Tokyo with the aim of winning seats as a proportional representation.