Over the global food crisis caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the government will provide approximately 200 million yen, or 27 billion yen in Japanese yen, to support the difficult Middle East, African countries and Ukraine. I officially decided that.

The government has announced a policy of contributing about 200 million dollars, 27 billion yen in Japanese yen, over support for the global food crisis, decided the concrete contents on the 5th, and Foreign Minister Hayashi at a press conference I made it clear.

According to this, 27 billion yen will be contributed through international organizations, etc., to support the supply of food to the Middle East and African countries facing food shortages due to the stagnation of imports from Ukraine and Russia, and the strengthening of production capacity.

It also supports the development of storage facilities so that Ukraine can resume grain exports.

Minister Hayashi said, "The situation in Ukraine is deteriorating the situation regarding food security, especially in Middle East and African countries. Japan will continue to cooperate with the G7 and the international community to secure global food security. We will work for it. "

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno "Working on World Food Security"

At a press conference after the Cabinet Secretary, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said, "We will support countries facing food shortages to strengthen food and production capacity, and through UN agencies and Japanese NGOs, the Middle East and Africa will be particularly affected. We will provide emergency food assistance and support for promoting grain exports from Ukraine to countries and regions. "

He said, "We will continue to work with the international community, including the G7 = seven major countries, to ensure global food security."