China Overseas Chinese Network, July 5th. According to the "Europe Times" WeChat public account "East to West", on July 3, local time, the Sino-French Friendship and Mutual Aid Association grandly held the 24th anniversary of the association's founding at the Huatian Chinatown Hotel in Paris. Celebration and Ninth Presidency Appreciation Dinner.

  Jiang Xuefeng, president of the Sino-French Friendship and Mutual Aid Association, said that in the past 24 years, the association has actively participated in various activities of overseas Chinese organizations, promoted the construction of a harmonious overseas Chinese community, made positive contributions to the promotion of Sino-French friendship and economic and trade exchanges, and contributed to the development of Aubaihevilliers. City, Ouhai District of Wenzhou City, and Jishou City of Hunan Province to establish friendship cities, etc.

Established the Poverty Alleviation Education Foundation in France, donated generously to the education cause in impoverished areas in China, and donated to build a number of "Sino-French Friendship Schools" in Anhui, Hunan, Gansu, Wenzhou and other places.

  Cai Junzhu, chairman of the French Overseas Chinese Association, on behalf of the overseas Chinese community in France, congratulated the China-France Friendship and Mutual Aid Association on its 24th birthday.

He said that since its establishment, the Sino-French Friendship and Mutual Aid Association has always adhered to its founding purpose, actively participated in various activities of the overseas Chinese community, and played an active role in promoting the integration of overseas Chinese into French society and promoting Chinese culture. contacts made a positive contribution.

In recent years, the council of the association has focused on uniting young overseas Chinese leaders and supporting young people to take on the important leadership responsibilities. The entire association is both innovative and vigorous.

Maintain good interaction with the local municipal government. During the Spring Festival every year, we cooperate with a number of overseas Chinese groups and the local municipal government to hold the Chinese Spring Festival activities, allowing local French friends and overseas Chinese living here to spend traditional Chinese festivals, enriching the local multiculturalism , but also promote Chinese culture.

He believed that the French China-France Friendship and Mutual Aid Association could make greater contributions to promoting the exchanges between the Chinese and French peoples.

(Huang Guanjie)