Elisabeth Borne has decided to apply the precautionary principle to herself.

The Prime Minister "will not seek the confidence of parliamentarians" on Wednesday during her general policy statement to the Assembly and the Senate, announced Monday the new government spokesperson, Olivier Véran.

“We are not certain that the conditions for this trust would have been met (…) We will work text by text” to build majorities, he said after the first Council of Ministers of the new government.

“Trust cannot be decreed a priori, it is patiently built text after text”, launched Olivier Véran, who considered that the hand was “stretched out with kindness” to parliamentarians from the opposition.

Find majorities on a case-by-case basis

Without an absolute majority, the government of Elisabeth Borne is therefore forced to seek majorities on a case-by-case basis, according to the texts.

If the proposals “correspond to the political project which is ours (…), we will support them”, continued the spokesperson.

On the side of rebellious France, the decision does not pass.

"We do not abuse democracy with impunity," tweeted the leader of the LFI group in the National Assembly, Mathilde Panot, who intends to "come by force" the Prime Minister before Parliament.

The party has also said it wants to table a motion of censure on Wednesday, which requires a tenth of parliamentarians.

It must then be adopted by an absolute majority to effectively overthrow the government.

“It is not my conception of things to want to censor someone who has not yet started to speak”, retorted Olivier Véran, according to whom “no one has an interest in blocking”.

He also recalled that the choice not to request a vote of confidence following a declaration of general policy was "not a first" in the history of the Fifth Republic, quoting Michel Rocard, Edith Cresson and Pierre Bérégovoy who, Prime Ministers under François Mitterrand, had not had recourse to it either.


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