Australia: torrential rains continue to fall on the Sydney region

It is expected to continue to rain until Friday July 8 in the Sydney area.

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In Australia, the rain continues to fall on Sydney at the start of the week.

Several sectors remain threatened by flooding and new evacuations have taken place in the last hours. 


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With our correspondent in Sydney,

Léo Roussel

It's a deluge that never seems to want to stop.

Heavy rains fell on Sydney and its surroundings on Tuesday for the fourth day in a row.

And the floods, caused by these waterspouts, continue to threaten the dwellings of the periphery.

Throughout the day, new evacuation orders fell.

It is now estimated that more than 50,000 people have had to leave their homes.

In places, more than 700 mm of water has fallen since Friday.

That's more, for comparison, than the average amount of rain that falls on London in a year.

In the state of New South Wales, 23 areas have been promised financial aid to help overcome these new bad weather.

As a reminder, this is already the third time since the beginning of 2022 that the region has been affected by such intense rains and floods. 

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who has just returned from a week in Europe, will visit the flooded areas on Wednesday.

Rain is expected to continue in Sydney through Friday. 

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