Sunday evening, in Toulouse, a thirties was in a Tisséo night bus when a man, visibly tipsy, got on and sat down next to her.

This passenger began to caress her thigh, before her hand went higher.

Far from letting go, the young woman pushed him away.

The man then apologized before changing places.

Another passenger, who witnessed the scene, then warned the bus driver who did not hesitate to contact the police and stopped his bus on the avenue de Grande-Bretagne until the police arrived.

In the meantime, the drunken passenger had returned to take his place next to his victim.

The latter, aged 38, was arrested by the anti-crime brigade.

She feels unwell, instead of helping her, he tries to rape her


Toulouse: Victim of a stalker on a bus, a 15-year-old teenager rescued by a passenger

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