China Overseas Chinese Network, July 5. According to the news of the Spanish version of the "Europe Times" WeChat public account "Xi Wen", recently, the High Court of the Balearic Islands in Spain made a judgment, requiring the health department of the autonomous region to compensate a Chinese family with 100,000 euros .

The incident was caused by a local public hospital who admitted an overseas Chinese from a Chinese family who did not speak Spanish. However, the doctor at the hospital did not know the allergy of the deceased, so the deceased was given amoxicillin containing penicillin.

  The report, citing local media sources, traced the incident back to May 2015.

At that time, the 51-year-old Chinese patient, accompanied by his son, went to a public hospital in Mallorca for treatment.

At that time, the son of the Chinese patient made it clear to the doctor that his father was allergic to penicillin.

The patient himself does not speak Spanish, but his son has no Spanish communication impairment.

  On the evening of the same day, the doctor prescribed amoxicillin containing penicillin to the Chinese patient for the patient to take.

After taking the drug, the patient developed very severe symptoms of agitation.

A few hours later, the patient went into shock from a severe allergy and eventually died.

  After learning the cause of the patient's death, the family of the Chinese patient sued the Balearic Islands Ministry of Health and the public hospital that treated the patient to the Regional High Court.

During the investigation, the court found that the family members clearly informed the doctor of the hospital that the Chinese patient was allergic to penicillin, but the doctor of the hospital did not record this information.

Moreover, when the patient went to other hospitals before, there was a record of penicillin allergy.

The hospital's doctors neglected the patient's allergy history, causing this serious medical malpractice.

The court ruled that the hospital and the Ministry of Health were primarily responsible for the patient's death and needed to pay 100,000 euros in compensation to the patient's family.