The desk and chair used by the former mayor of Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, and were put up for auction, were sold for about 3 million yen, which is about twice as much.

The current mayor commented, "We will not use the tax incorrectly in the future."

Mayor Ko Tanaka of Ichikawa City did not use the desk and chair that the former mayor Hirotami Murakoshi used in the mayor's office, saying that he had purchased a luxury and expensive item with taxes. This year, I was exhibiting at an internet auction in May.

According to Ichikawa City, desks and chairs are listed for 1,486,650 yen after deducting the value for the two years used, and there are three bids by the 5th, which is about double the number of corporations in the city. It means that it made a successful bid for 3 million 921 yen.

The company that won the bid said, "I made a bid because I saw the real thing and thought it was valuable."

Mayor Tanaka commented, "The price of the desk and chair will be returned to the city's revenue and used for the citizens. Ichikawa City will not use the tax incorrectly in the future."