Launched a prevention campaign

"Ajman Civil Defense" determines the causes of house fires

Maintenance of gas wiring protects against house fires.


Ajman Civil Defense confirmed that following the appropriate procedures and a number of tips provides protection for homes from fires, pointing to the launch of the "Your protection is our goal" campaign, which comes within the department's main awareness plan.

The Deputy Director of the Civil Protection and Safety Department at the Ajman Civil Defense General Department, Lt. Col. Majed Ali Al-Hussan, identified the most important factors for the safety and security of the house from fire, explaining that safety factors begin at the stage of building the house, such as installing “Hassantak” devices for smart warning and a safe cooking gas system, which It is supported by the administration and approved by a number of companies licensed to install it.

He added that in the stage of building the house or maintenance, it is preferable to choose fire-resistant doors and not to close the windows of the house with iron bars that may confine the residents of the house at the time of the fire and prevent them from evacuating the place, in addition to providing simple manual equipment such as a manual fire extinguisher and a fire blanket, as well as the availability of a civil defense emergency number And familiarize the residents of the house with their locations and how to use them.

Al-Hussan explained to "Emirates Today" that gas extensions that do not have regular maintenance, cooking ovens and faulty electrical equipment, or that are left connected to electricity without the need for long periods, and improper electrical extensions, which are overloaded, are among the main factors of fires. homes.

He said that one of the sources of danger that threatens the security of the house is leaving (chimneys) in the wardrobes or forgetting them, which is one of the types of accidents with high rates. Or leaving candles lit unattended, not placing them in a container that keeps them safe, or placing them on fusible or flammable surfaces such as refrigerators or tables, or placing them near flammable materials such as curtains and wooden shelves, and leaving them near children unattended, all of which cause home fires. .

Installing alarms

The Deputy Director of the Civil Protection and Safety Department at the Ajman Civil Defense General Department, Lt. Col. Majed Ali Al-Hussan, stressed the need to install fire alarms and perform regular maintenance on them, stressing the need to monitor and secure home swimming pools with preventive requirements because they are a source of threat to children's lives, and not to leave openings Sewerage in the house is open or without maintenance, and the necessity of educating the people of the house, especially the servants, about fire prevention measures, safety measures in the event of a fire, methods of evacuating the house, and emphasizing the assembly point and priorities in case of fire.

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