Anti-routine, anti-rubbing questions, down-to-earth-

  The first high school entrance examination after the "double reduction", where does the "baton" lead

  "I have memorized a lot of materials, including Yuzuru Hanyu, Gu Ailing, etc., but it is useless. The subject matter of the composition is not 'hit'."

  After the high school entrance examination, many candidates shouted that the test questions were "surprising".

  Especially after taking the Chinese language test for the senior high school entrance examination in Wuhan, the "A package" for the senior high school entrance examination composition has become a hot topic among many netizens on Weibo.

The material mentioned that there is such a fast food restaurant that provides different types of packages. If you order "A package", you will default to the person who needs help, and the restaurant will provide you with this meal for free.

The test paper requires writing around this topic.

  "Anti-routines, opposed to memorizing materials, come from life, grounded" is the evaluation of this composition topic by netizens, and it is also a feature of this year's high school entrance examination questions in many regions.

  The "double reduction" policy proposes: "deepen the reform of senior high school enrollment", insist on determining the test based on learning, and further improve the quality of the high school entrance examination proposition.

This year's senior high school entrance examination is the first year after the implementation of the "double reduction" policy. Have the requirements of "double reduction" been reflected in the setting of test subject scores, propositions, and recruitment?

What is the trend of "baton" orientation?

The reporter conducted an interview.

  The test questions are closely related to reality, highlighting the orientation of education

  Anti-epidemic needs to purchase disinfectant. How to minimize the total cost of the two disinfectants under the premise of satisfying a certain quantity relationship?

The two classmates decided to perform a program at the school art festival. By randomly grabbing balls with numbers, they decided to play "Phoenix Bamboo under the Moonlight" or "South of the Colorful Clouds" based on the oddness of the total number of draws. Which of the two pieces is more Possibly selected?

Zhao Qingzhun, a mathematics teacher at Inwang Senior High School in Huize County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province, paid special attention to the proposition orientation of the mathematics in the high school entrance examination after invigorating the examination for several days.

  "Generally speaking, the test questions are based on the curriculum standards, which are relatively stable as a whole, focusing on the most basic and core content, without bias, strangeness, or difficulty, with clear layers, scientific and reasonable structure, stable and innovative, and moderate difficulty. To examine students' solution of binary linear equations, the topics are introduced through the epidemic prevention and control that we are familiar with, which are closely related to life and can stimulate students' interest in learning. This requires students to learn to find key information about problems and find problems to find a solution to the problem.” Zhao Qingzhun said.

  Candidates for the high school entrance examination in Chongqing found that this year's ethics and rule of law exam paper selected the "first case of face recognition", a typical case full of innovation and epoch.

Proposition experts said that this question uses a complete theme case framework to allow students to briefly demonstrate the value of the case to the defenders themselves and the society, and to comment on the country's improvement of the new pattern of pluralistic co-governance.

"The logical main line of situations and tasks is clear, which not only examines students' moral cultivation, legal thinking, legal literacy, and logical analysis and argumentation ability, but also enhances students' conscious awareness and sense of responsibility in respecting the law, studying the law, abiding by the law, and using it."

  "The test questions are closely related to the hotspots of social life, focus on the basics in the examination, and emphasize the education of ideals and beliefs and value guidance. For example, question 9 of the multiple-choice question, through the air-raid shelter, the implementation of the special action of the 'Shancheng Dongtian' civil air defense project to serve the people's livelihood has witnessed the revolutionary era of the Chongqing people. The indomitable fighting spirit, from the three dimensions of history, culture and life, guides students to experience the development and changes of the motherland and Chongqing, which is both authentic and typical, allowing candidates to solve problems in real situations; 14 questions to think about' The possible impact of zero-carbon life', and analyze the basis for the impact. First analyze the impact, and then put forward the basis, which can cultivate students' reverse thinking ability." said Wen Wen, head of the ethics and rule of law lesson preparation team at Chongqing No.

  Taking the situation as the carrier, creating problems in the situation and using the knowledge to solve the problems are also reflected in the chemistry paper of the Chengdu Senior High School Entrance Examination.

Wu Tunyan, a teacher from the Jinjiang District Institute of Educational Sciences in Chengdu, believes that this year's test questions will be a comprehensive examination of the basic knowledge, basic skills, basic methods and basic thinking of the third grade of chemistry in the problem-solving process.

"For example, the PH value of smart watches, fruits and beverages, the synthesis of urea, garbage classification and recycling, the recommended daily intake of nutrients, and the extraction of potash fertilizers from plant ash are used as the context to reflect the frontiers of disciplines, environmental protection, production and life, etc. The attention of chemistry, the feeling that chemistry plays an irreplaceable role in new materials, energy, environment, food, etc., highlights the disciplinary value of chemistry 'originating from life and serving society'."

  The test center returns to the textbook, focusing on the comprehensive thinking process

  When it comes to exam-oriented education, many students and parents think that it has something to do with the "baton" orientation of the high school entrance examination for a long time.

For example, in language learning, in-depth and extensive reading is replaced by "rubbing questions", and in-depth understanding and analysis of works, their authors, and the background of the times is replaced by mechanical recitation. Rhetorical stacking replaces the expression of true feelings; mathematics learning replaces the in-depth understanding of mathematical knowledge with repeated "rubbing questions" training, and replaces the thinking processes such as exploration, induction, and comprehensive analysis. "Teaching routines", learning new lessons for senior grades in advance, and drilling "no wonder" horns replaced in-depth analysis of specific problem situations.

Looking at the propositions of the senior high school entrance examination in various places in 2022, some efforts to correct deviations are reflected.

  Zhao Qingzhun said that this time, the questions of the mid-term exam highlight mathematical ideas, implement key abilities, and focus on the examination of students' core literacy.

"As we all know, functions are a hot spot and a difficult point in the senior high school entrance examination. The senior high school entrance examination questions examine the expressions, images and properties of functions from different angles, and also examine the core competencies of mathematical modeling, intuitive imagination, logical reasoning, etc. Mathematical application examines students' creative and divergent thinking. For example, 24 questions in mathematics examine quadratic functions and their images, which not only require students to be particularly familiar with basic knowledge, but also examine the exploration process of mathematical ideas and mathematical activities. The learning has played a very good role in paving the way.”

  "Both essay questions are written in narrative, and both can be realistic and imaginable", according to the analysis of relevant experts from the Beijing Education Examination Institute, this year's Beijing Senior High School Entrance Examination Chinese composition questions are set from the perspective of paying attention to students' self-development. "I have created a new record." The question starts from the level of personal life, and focuses on guiding students to think about life rationally. On the one hand, it guides young people to realize that every self-breakthrough will make themselves better than before, on the other hand, it prompts students to integrate self-development and breakthroughs into the progress of human society and human beings. dreams and pursuits.

For "That Sunday" students can either write about the life "I" actually experienced, or imagine the life "I" did not experience.

"The two composition topics provide students with space for imagination, and they require students to develop their imagination in daily learning and life situations, emphasizing the rationality and creativity of imagination. This method of setting questions increases the examination function and improves the thinking content. "

  Lai Jianyong, a teacher from Chengdu No. 7 Middle School, said that the overall difficulty of the mathematics questions in the senior high school entrance examination this year has remained relatively stable, and the number of questions has been reduced compared with previous years, encouraging students to "think more and calculate less". Teaching materials, while reducing rote memorization and mechanical questioning, effectively responding to the "double subtraction", and guiding teaching to return to its origins.

"Examination questions focus on the openness, flexibility and innovation of thinking examination, such as the new definition of 'perfect kite shape', interdisciplinary 'extremely poor', and exploration of 'over-the-point', which all reflect the rethinking process to remove complicated operations, and re-exploration and innovation. The concept of de-patterning and solidification has fully developed students' core mathematical literacy in junior middle school such as geometric intuition, reasoning ability, application awareness, and innovation awareness."

  "The scope of this year's test covers four first-level themes of matter, motion and interaction, energy, and experimental exploration, with a knowledge coverage rate of more than 95%; scientific analysis, reasoning, and creative problem-solving with basic physical concepts and laws. The ability is demonstrated." According to the analysis of relevant proposition experts in Chongqing, the examination questions in physics test the students' ability to construct physical models, image analysis and scientific reasoning ability in terms of scientific thinking. The readings of the readings, the readings of the ammeter, the analysis and summary of the data in the table, etc. also reflect the examination of the scientific inquiry literacy and the guidance of the students' scientific attitude and responsibility.

  The scale of scores is adjusted, and the examination form is more abundant

  In addition to the test propositions, the reporter noticed that some regions have further optimized the score setting of test subjects.

The proportion of the original "associate subjects" in the total grades has generally increased.

  For example, the full score of Zhejiang Jinhua High School Entrance Examination History, Society, Morality and Rule of Law has been adjusted from 80 to 100, and the full score of sports has been adjusted from 30 to 40.

The Tianjin Senior High School Entrance Examination will include the original academic examination for junior high school graduates and the two-level junior high school academic examination subjects in the Tianjin Municipal Junior High School Academic Proficiency Test. The total score has also increased from 590 points in previous years to 800 points. The full score for both subjects is 100; the total score for the physical education test has been increased from 30 to 40.

The "early subjects" of the Changsha High School Entrance Examination in Hunan Province - biology, geography, and physical education - have increased from 100 in 2021 to 120.

  The entry of aesthetic education subjects into the senior high school entrance examination is being promoted in more cities.

On May 21, more than 80,000 candidates in Xinxiang, Henan took part in the "Human-Machine Dialogue" intelligent examination of Chinese recruitment of aesthetic education.

It is reported that music and art subjects will be included in the total score with a full score of 5 points each.

  "The biggest highlight of this exam is the use of an intelligent exam system, which examines the basic knowledge and skills that students should know and should know, and fully highlights the characteristics of art disciplines. The forms of questions are more diverse, and the system can support audio, video, pictures and other materials. It is equipped with various characteristic question types such as puzzles, sorting, singing, etc. In addition, the computer automatic evaluation mode is adopted for the test scoring, which not only reduces the burden and increases the efficiency of teachers, but also avoids the interference of human factors as much as possible to ensure the fairness of the evaluation results. It can also be generated after the test. Detailed data analysis reports provide strong data support for educational decision-making." said the relevant person in charge.

  There have been new changes in the admissions process in some regions.

In order to promote the balanced development of regional compulsory education, some regions allocate some enrollment targets of high-quality ordinary high schools to corresponding junior high schools, which are called "target students".

Liu Jicheng, deputy director of the Basic Education Division of the Hunan Provincial Department of Education, said that the proportion of "indicator students" in Changsha will continue to increase this year.

"According to the practice of previous years, due to the restriction of the minimum admission score, it is difficult for some schools to implement the target student plan. Increasing the ratio will make this measure better implemented, and the competition between schools will be reduced to the competition of students from the same school. To a certain extent It reduces the competitive pressure on students.”

  "In addition, Hunan Province currently conducts the senior high school entrance examination in cities and prefectures. We are investigating and discussing whether the provincial unified proposition can be started next year." Liu Jicheng said.

  Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Education, believes that the changes in this year's senior high school entrance examination have adapted to the characteristics of students' learning situation such as the reduction of extra-curricular tutoring after the "double reduction". system, and this requires the expansion of teachers' right to evaluate students and the autonomy of school enrollment, and to break the 'score-only theory', which is the more critical reform."

  (Reporter Zhou Shixiang Dong Cheng)