A shooting took place in Chicago, USA.

The suspect opened fire at the Independence Day parade on the roof of the building.

At least six people were killed and more than 31 were injured.

Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung from Washington.


Someone opened fire in Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago, USA right after the Independence Day parade began.

At first, some thought they had set off firecrackers, but many were shot to death.

At least six people have died and 31 are being treated in hospitals.

[Angela Sendik / Witness: I saw three people lying bleeding and bleeding.

We also started running towards the car.]

People started to run away, and the scene quickly became chaos.

Police believe the missing suspect opened fire at people marching on the roof of the building.

[Chris O'Neill / Highland Park Police Chief: Police are tracking the suspect.

The suspect has been identified as a white male between the ages of 18 and 20.]

Police are conducting an extensive search to find the suspect, but a gun has been recovered from the scene.

City officials have canceled Independence Day celebrations and advised residents not to leave their homes.

A shooting also broke out in Richmond, Virginia, leaving six people injured, two said to be life-threatening.