The waiting time for Uppsala's postcovid reception is long, according to several people with whom SVT has been in contact.

But Mikael Köhler, director of healthcare and health in the Uppsala Region, believes that patients will receive better help by being sent to specialists.

Do you mean that a covid reception does not really fulfill its function anymore?

- Not as it looks right now, in the future it may be so when we know even more what to use the postcovid reception for, says Mikael Köhler.

What do you have to say to patients who are suffering from long-term covid and who are worried about the closure?

- We have great respect for the fact that you may have symptoms that we must take care of, but we do this because we see that you can be better captured where the knowledge and working methods already exist.

"Should raise ambitions"

Tove Lundberg, chairman of the Swedish Covid Association, is critical of the proposal.

“We do not share the region's image and still receive testimonies from patients who are forced to seek care in Stockholm to get help.

Uppsala with its university hospital should raise - not lower - the ambitions of patients with severe postcovitis.

Learning will also be more effective at multidisciplinary clinics, which the WHO recommends ",

she writes in an email to SVT.