At twelve o'clock on Monday, SAS announced that the pilots were now going on strike.

That after the airline and the pilot union failed to reach an agreement during the negotiations.

About 900 pilots and 200 to 250 aircraft are affected by the strike, which affects 30,000 passengers daily.

The company Swedavia Airports owns, among other things, Landvetter Airport, and Swedavia's press contact encourages travelers to contact SAS to find out how even their planned trips are affected.

- We try to support travelers on site, but you should contact SAS for information, says Peter Wärring, press officer.

Several planes canceled

On Monday, four SAS flights would have left Landvetter, to Alicante and Malaga, among others.

The Alicante travelers were lucky, they were the last plane to get off and duck the strike with a hair's breadth.

The plane to Malaga at 4 pm was canceled, however, as was a plane to Copenhagen later on Monday.

One of those who would go to Malaga is Mathias Karlsson from Lessebo who received a text message that the flight had been canceled in the parking lot at the airport.

- It was boring.

After all the pandemic and stuff like that, it would have been nice to get away, he tells SVT inside Landvetter's departure hall where he now has to turn around.

On Tuesday, six out of ten departures will be canceled due to the strike, according to information on SAS's website.